In 2019, Gio Pellicer (1995), graduated in Advertising and PR, and self-taught in Fashion Design, found his own Maison aiming to create a timeless movement. A whole sophisticated universe for another contemporary kind of man. A sensible and Romantic one who is not afraid to explore the limits of its own masculinity.


The exclusive collections are designed and carefully made in Spain. The philosophy of Pellicer is to conceive each one by the everlasting idea of re-discovering elegance in roughness, minimalism through brutalism, and finding an harmonious balance between them. Luxury understood as a poem to create unique everlasting garments melting premium fabrics and ephemeral silhouettes.

Pellicer is a small premium brand committed with maximum quality and, obviously, the Earth.

For this reason, we are consciously inside all the creation process: from concept to the ultimate execution - ensuring the standards and perfect finishing in our garments. We produce them locally, valuing the artisan process, and ship them worldwide plastic free.

We select personally the best national and international fabrics for our designs, using natural, organic and sustainable fibers as much as possible.

They are carefully designed and manufactured in Spain.